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Imagine handmade, creamy, flavored, gourmet waves and swirls cascading out of a pan, drizzled with a vibrant strawberry sauce and garnished with fresh, juicy strawberries – sound delicious but almost too beautiful to eat? Well, it's not. Our Italian Ice Cream is better than ice cream. It has a smoother texture and richer flavor due to our old-world standards and peerless ingredients. You won't find better gelato in Houston; we guarantee it. Stop by the next time you are in the Galleria.

It is important to understand the Italian artisanal gelato experience. Gelato is not only an Italian gourmet ice cream but also an art form. From the classic waves that are created right out of the machine, to spatulart, and an array of toppings and garnishes, the aesthetic gelato creates is just as important to gelato makers as the overall taste.

Gelato waves are the classic way gelato is presented in a pan. The waves are created during the extraction from the batch freezer. The gelato maker takes a gelato spatula (note: gelato is traditionally served with a spatula and not a scooper) and carefully collects the product as it leaves the machine and places in the pan. The techniques is to collect the gelato so that it is almost in the form a tear shape and drop it into the pan, and this has to be done so each wave contains an equal amount of product. Once the base of the pan is filled, the gelato maker then stacks the gelato waves among the base waves. Once completed, beautiful cascades of gourmet gelato waves fill the pan waiting to be dived into and devoured.

Decorating techniques of artisan gelato are endless with the many varieties of spatulart. More like a sculpting tool then a spatula, spatulart is a flat handheld tool that shapes gelato into various patterns that include shapes, rows, grooves and so much more. Gelato makers use certain designs for certain flavors and toppings to really highlight the stunning colors and properties of each gelato. Below are examples of different ways of displaying artisan gelato:

Larger Image: Artisan Italian Gelato Larger Image: Artisan Italian Gelato

Come experience artisan gelato and enjoy it for yourself. We look forward to seeing you. We are located in the Galleria in Houston.