Artisan Italian Sorbetto

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Sorbetto is dairy free, and thus no dairy fat. It contains mostly fruit, sugar and water. It is made in the same Italian Gelato machine, spun slowly with little air to preserve the true flavors of the fruits. It is then extracted and displayed in the traditional artisan style as the gelato.

Using proper ingredients is key to produce flavorful sorbetto.. We make it in house using filtered water and real fruit. Along with dairy free, we also offer several sugar free flavors such as raspberry and yogurt.

Our flavors range from traditional fruits such as peach, pineapple, and lemon to more unique options like dark chocolate and Sicilian blood orange. Along with these traditional staples, we also regularly offer new flavors to offer a variety of options for our many repeat customers.

Come by and see our variety of flavors displayed colorfully and mounded ready to eat. You won’t be disappointed.