Roasted Almond Gelato

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Larger Image: Roasted Almond Gelato

Roasted Almond starts with the purest specialty imported all natural almond paste. Add into this our signature gelato base along with some fresh almonds, and what is created is our first featured flavor, roasted almond.

We make this flavor almost daily to preserve freshness and provide for demand. We pride ourselves on keeping our Italian ice cream fresh with no preservatives.

It is a particularly popular choice for restaurants to serve for it’s smooth flavor, and the ability to pair well with a variety of other desserts or fruit. Chefs often choose roasted almond when buying for their establishments.

Roasted almond starts off with a creamy texture and taste, but the rich almond flavor is what stays with you after each bite. The slivered almonds that top it off add to the unique and great taste of this featured Italian ice cream.