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Our crepe recipe is made using only cage free organic eggs, all natural European style butter, and made fresh every day at our store. We don't use boxed "just add water" powdered batter mixes, every batch is hand mixed with fresh eggs, milk, butter and flour.

Our savory crepes feature ingredients ranging from organic Sicilian pistachio pesto, organic arugula, fresh basil pesto, to all natural meats and cheeses from turkey to prosciutto.

Classic sweet crepes include unique options like real Sicilian pistachio cream, Nutella (of course!), and the traditional cinnamon/butter (great with a scoop of Gelato!).

Natural and healthy eating is something we are passionate about, and a big secret we want to share with others - real food that is healthy doesn't have to taste bad!

For all the options take a look at our crepe menu here.