Larger Image: Artisan Italian Gelato

Artisan Italian Gelato

Imagine creamy flavored waves and swirls cascading out of a pan, drizzled with a vibrant strawberry sauce and garnished with fresh, juicy strawberries – sound delicious but almost too beautiful to eat? Read more

Larger Image: Artisan Italian Sorbetto

Artisan Italian Sorbetto

Sorbetto is dairy free, and thus no dairy fat. It contains mostly fruit, sugar and water. It is spun slowly with little air to preserve the true flavors of the fruits. It is then extracted and displayed in the traditional artisan style as the gelato. Read more

Larger Image: Pistachio Di Bronte

Pistachio Di Bronte

Pistachio is a flavor essential to any gelateria. Many people try pistachio first to determine the authenticity of the gelato. Our pistachio is made from 100% organic Bronte Pistachio, imported directly from a family owned farm in southern Sicily. Read more

Larger Image: Panini

Italian-style Grilled Panini

Parma Prosciutto, Daniele Salami, fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh local romaine lettuce, and fresh sliced local tomatoes – these are just a few of the ingredients we slice and prepare fresh daily for our Panini. Read more

Larger Image: Birthday

Birthday Parties

Come celebrate your special day with us! We have rates starting at $100 for 8 kids. We can make you a special cake on request, or we are happy to serve any cake you would like to bring along with each person's choice of gelato. Read more

Larger Image: Tiramisu

Family Recipe Tiramisu

Tiramisu is one of the most classic Italian desserts. Translated "pick me up", it is made from espresso and liqueur soaked ladyfingers in between fresh mascarpone and whipped cream. Read more