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Gelato Wholesale

Making your life simple!

Interested in purchasing gelato wholesale for your establishment? Gelato is a great addition to any menu and letting us handle it for you is a much more cost effective solution than purchasing expensive ice cream manufacturing equipment. Gelato is a low food cost option with a long shelf life, and we offer low minimum orders and free delivery to most of Houston. We currently provide the gelato for many of your favorite restaurants and hotels in the greater Houston area.

Our production facility is one of only a few ice cream or gelato vendors in Houston certified by the state of Texas as a frozen dessert wholesale manufacturer. We work hard to insure the highest quality standards in each and every tray we make. Any packaging solutions are available - whether you have your own dipping cabinet, serve plated desserts, make cookies or sandwiches, or would like us to portion in pints or small cups for you we can do it all! We work with each customer individually to provide the best solution that works in your business.

We also work with local chefs and ingredient producers to customize flavors unique to each location. No matter what kind of food you serve, or type of establishment, we can find a pairing that is perfect for you. We stand behind every flavor we make and guarantee consistent quality. Since we make a high volume of gelato we can sample custom flavors for you at no cost.

For more information, pricing, and samples please email We look forward to working with you!